Working out with a spray tan

In everyone’s life, there comes a time when working out becomes an essential part of keeping your body looking and feeling healthy. Looking healthy could include tanning your skin, changing your hair color, and whitening your teeth. When it comes to weight though, metabolisms tend to slow down and the body becomes less adaptable to physical activity. For that reason, choosing a workout program becomes a critical decision in your life after twenty. Below are a few workout programs outlined for their difficulty, time commitment and cost. Some workouts are more extreme than others, but that may be what you need to work towards your weight loss goals. Remember that not all workout programs are made for everyone, and it’s important to listen to your body to choose what’s right for you. Once you have found the right workout plan, your new, fit body will look even better with your spray tan.

Workout Program #1 Zumba

  • Difficulty: Light to Moderate
  • Time-commitment: 1 hour classes
  • Cost: DVD’s range from $50-$85 and classes start at $10

Are you always the first one on the dance floor at parties? If dancing is your passion, try adding Zumba to your workout program. Zumba combines exercise and entertainment into a dance-fitness class featuring upbeat music and easy-to-follow choreography that feels more like a celebration than a workout. With multiple categories of Zumba classes, there are styles and goals for everyone who wants to have fun while they work out. Find a workout near you or buy the DVD’s to work out in the comfort of your home! Just be sure to wear loose fitting clothing where your spray tan may rub off in the midst of sweating off the calories! 

Workout Program #2 Insanity

  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Time-commitment: 60 day program with 30-45 minute workouts
  • Cost: $120 for a set of 10 DVD’s

Are you ready to test your endurance? Insanity is an extremely challenging DVD workout to use at home that requires intense focus and determination for 60 days. The workout is known to be “crazy” and “insane,” and claims to be one of the hardest workouts ever put out on DVD. Though the workouts may be challenging, results are proven and if correctly followed, Insanity will give your body a strong, defined look that you will love. Because of the challenging workouts, make sure to equip yourself with touch up products where your tan may fade.

Workout Program #3 Yoga

  • Difficulty: Light to Moderate
  • Time-commitment: 45 min to 1 hour long classes
  • Cost: $10-$30 per class

Yoga has become an extremely popular way to not only meditate, but be a strong workout alternative for those who dedicate themselves. Yoga welcomes practitioners of all ages because of its strong focus on stretching and listening to the body’s internal voice. Yoga offers multiple poses and postures to help build and tone muscle, stretch the body, and find inner serenity. The act of practicing yoga can become a lifestyle if you let it. Healthy eating, helpful stretches, and intense, core-building positions create good habits that give you an all-encompassing feeling of wellness. Classes take place all over the US and resources are available to help you find the best place to practice the art of yoga. DVD’s are also available for those who like to practice at home. Wear loose clothing and your tan will be sure to last throughout this workout.

Workout Program #4 Crossfit

  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Time-commitment: 1 hour long classes
  • Cost: $165-$200 a month

Crossfit is a workout program which aims to prepare trainees for any physical contingency and works to define fitness in a meaningful, measurable way. The workouts given to Crossfit trainees require intensity and strength, focusing on effective exercises that change frequently. To start Crossfit, training courses are required to learn the methodology and foundational skills used in the workout program’s fitness classes. Crossfit requires a higher time and cost commitment, but it’s worth the effort to reshape your body and give you the highest level of fitness training possible. Crossfit training centers are located all over the country to take classes and offer a large online following for added support and information. Because of this intense training, make sure to plan your workouts along with your spray tan schedule to get the most out of your tan.

Workout Program #5 Pilates

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time-commitment: 45 min to 1 hour long classes
  • Cost: $30-$40 per session

An innovative and transformative system of exercise, Pilates transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. Pilates improves ones flexibility, agility and range of motion and is meant for people of all ages. Pilates focuses on developing a strong core and creating long lean muscles with stretches and positions that help evenly condition the body and prevent injuries. Though Pilates has Yoga inspired exercises, this workout program works at a slightly faster pace than yoga and focuses on extending a certain stretch within a limited amount of time using resistance and core awareness. Like Yoga, there are classes that take place all over the US and with the option to purchase DVD’s to workout in your home. When planning to take Pilates, remember to use products after your workout that bring your tan back to life!

Finding the right workout program is essential to having a longer, healthier life. With all of the wonderful and challenging fitness resources out there, you have nothing to lose! Get involved in exercises that you know you will like, but also try something new! A different workout program may be surprisingly fun and challenging. With that great body you’ll have, think about what else you can do to improve your self-image. Treat yourself to a makeover, a new hairstyle, and a great tan. You will feel like a million bucks and know that it’s all because you worked hard!

5 Spray Tanning Myths You Should Ignore

Spray tanning may be one of today’s hottest beauty and celebrity trends, but there are still a lot of misconceptions out there that make new clients feel nervous about switching from self-tanning lotions to spray tans. Learning more about the facts behind the common myths about spray tanning can help you decide if it is the right solution for your body and lifestyle.

1. Spray tans are messy.

There is nothing messy about spray tanning. Because airbrush mist is sprayed directly on your skin at a high speed, there is no color run off. Most spray tans are formulated to dry fast, so you can be on your way out just a few minutes after your application. If you are worried about getting a tan in areas where it can look unnatural, you can protect them with barrier cream.

2. Spray tans look unnatural.

One of the biggest reasons why people put off getting a spray tan is because they are afraid it will turn their skin into an unnatural shade of orange. In reality, controlling the intensity of your color with spray tans is easy. High-quality tanning solutions are specifically developed with color guards that work with unique skin tones to develop a tan that looks healthy and natural. If you are nervous about choosing the right shade at your first appointment, ask our spray tanning artist for help. When in doubt, stick to lighter solutions. You can always go darker with products at home or at your next appointment.

3. Spray tans are dangerous.

Spray tans use the same active chemical as other tanners, so there is no reason why they would be more toxic to your body. The only way a spray tan can potentially be harmful is if you swallow a large amount of tanning mist during the application. You can avoid any potential side effects by covering your mouth, eyes and nose while tanning.

4. Sunlight is good for you.

While it is true that sunlight can help your body produce vitamin D, the health risks of ongoing exposure to UV rays far outweigh its benefits. Compared to outdoor tanning, spray tanning is a lot safer and faster. To protect your skin from damage, get vitamin D from your diet or take over-the-counter supplements.

5. Spray tans are not worth the money because they fade fast.

The lifespan of a spray tan is directly related to skin care. Exfoliating before spray tanning and using moisturizers on a regular basis after your tanning session can easily double the amount of time your spray tan lasts.


Spray Tanning While Pregnant

Becoming a mom means that your health and your skin needs to go through a much more careful screening process. The good news is that getting a spray tan while pregnant is not only perfectly safe, but it can also be a great mood lifter and a chance to unwind from stress and anxiety. It is no secret that adjusting to a new, curvier body can be a tough task. Getting that perfect golden skin tone can be just what you need to help you feel sexy and feminine.

What You Should Know Before Getting a Spray Tan While Pregnant

  1. DHA, the most common coloring agent in today’s fake tanning formulas, typically stays in the top layer of your skin. Because the top layer of the skin is composed of dead skin cells, any cells that are affected by DHA naturally fall off and get replaced by new cells within a relatively short period of time.
  2. The main concern when it comes to getting a spray tan while pregnant is inhaling DHA and other chemicals by accident. To prevent inhaling, make sure you are in an open, well ventilated area.  In between tanning sessions, use natural bronze powders to cover or blend in spots that are fading.
  3. Because your hormone levels can fluctuate dramatically throughout your pregnancy, do a skin test before getting a spray tan or using any self-tanning lotions. In addition to checking for skin irritation, make sure that you are not bothered by the product’s scent. Some pregnant women find the smell of self-tanning formulas to be too overwhelming to use on a regular basis. If you are sensitive to strong smells, look for organic formulas without artificial preservatives or added fragrance.

Remember that while fake tanning during pregnancy is generally harmless, it is always a good idea to check in with your physician before you make any changes to your skin care routine. Your doctor knows you best, so getting his or her approval can help put your mind at ease about getting a spray tan while pregnant. If you are still nervous after seeing your doctor, wait until you are in your second trimester before you use any fake tanners.

How Old is TOO Old to Spray Tan?

Do spray tans have age limits? I mean, I understand that spray tanning toddlers for beauty pageants is a little ridiculous. But is there an age that is TOO OLD to spray tan?

Everyone (no matter what age you are) wants that natural looking tan without stepping into the sun? Well, sunless spray tanning can help you do just that. But with mature skin you might have to take a bit more care while spray tanning for the best results. We all know, when you are on the other side of 50, it takes a little extra effort to look that much more beautiful. When done correctly, sunless spray tanning can make even mature skin look younger – it can help cover up skin imperfections, hide under-eye dark circles and give your skin a healthy younger glow. However, major part of getting it right when it comes to spray tanning mature skin is exfoliating thoroughly. Why, you ask. Thorough exfoliation can make a huge difference when spray tanning mature skin. Read on to find out why.

Why is Exfoliation Necessary for Spray Tanning Mature Skin

The main active ingredient used in sunless spray tanning solutions is dihydroxyacetone or DHA. It reacts with the cells in the outermost layer of the skin to produce a tanning effect. Exfoliating helps the skin absorb the tanning solution better, thus producing a natural looking tan. However, mature skin requires an extra dose of exfoliation. This is primarily because, mature skin is different in texture – there are generally more dry bits on mature skin as compared to younger skin. Usually, these dry bits occur on the legs and the arms. These bits can be felt as scales or dry spots and may sometimes even appear as big freckles.

If you have mature skin and you don’t exfoliate before your spray tanning session, you might end up with dark tan spots all over your skin. This is because the dry scaly bits along with your knees and elbows absorb a lot more of the tanning solution as compared to the rest of the skin. These dark tan spots become more prominent as the tan starts to fade, and the dry bits remain intense brown. Exfoliating thoroughly helps to remove these dry bits, thus ensuring a better and more even tan. One effective way of exfoliating mature skin thoroughly before a spray tanning session is to use a Baiden Mitten. These mittens are specifically designed to help exfoliate the skin better. Another thing you should keep in mind when spray tanning mature skin is to opt for a lighter shade. Darker shades can make you look older.

No matter how old you get, you are never too old to spray tan! Ask my grandmother (pictured above). She is 82 and still gets regular spray tans!

Red, White and TAN

July 4th is only a few days away, meaning a slew of celebratory events with friends and family all day for BBQs, picnics, parties and, of course, the obligatory fireworks. Preparations are bound to be insane, but that is hardly an excuse for putting anything less than your best foot forward. Or legs, rather. Independence Day wouldn’t be right without the standard uniform of bathing suit, shorts and dresses emblazoned with all things patriotic, no? But worry not, getting beautiful legs by Friday isn’t impossible. Here’s the breakdown: exfoliate, moisturize, fake a tan and give yourself an extra bit of glow, just in time for a weekend of living in your favorite shorts! 

  1. Exfoliate. Gently buff away rough and dead skin build-up, paying special attention to the knees, ankles and feet. Smooth legs is always a plus, but it’s absolutely essential in preparation for spray tanning.
  2. Spray Tan.  Make the healthy switch! Try an airbrushed spray tan instead of subjecting yourself to damaging UV rays for that summer skin we’re always after.
  3. Moisturize. Soften and improve skin texture. Beautiful legs is serious business!
  4. Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow! Three words. Superior Spray Tanning. For that perfect, sun-kissed glow. A little bit of shimmer goes a long way – it’s our secret to radiant skin.
  5. … and an extra beauty tip since we love you. Wedges not only elongate the leg, but can help fake a great calf muscle for all those July 4th shorts and dresses.

So bare those legs and the skin you’re in with utmost confidence! You’ve always had it; it’s just a matter of letting us help you bring it out. Happy Independence Day from your friends at Superior Spray Tanning!


National Sunless Tanning Day

There is no such thing as a safe tan if it involves UV radiation. We all know that tanning beds cause skin cancer. So does sun bathing—prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. But, truth be told, there’s a hole in the ozone layer. The ozone layer, protects life on earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. The depletion of ozone means less protection, and thus more skin cancer.

Tanning beds use UVB radiation to darken the skin. Recently, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, labeled tanning beds “high risk” and carcinogenic to humans. In fact 20 minutes on a tanning bed is equivalent to spending one day at the beach! There’s nothing healthy about tanning indoors or outdoors these days.

To drive the point home I’m going to list the following risk factors involved with using tanning beds:

Skin Cancer: You face a 75% increased risk of getting skin cancer, including malignant melanoma when you frequent tanning beds.

Wrinkles: Tanning beds, like sun bathing, cause premature aging and wrinkles. Who wants to look older than their time? Don’t you want people to say, “She looks good for her age.”

Rough Skin Texture: Do you want soft and supple or rough and leathery skin? If you selected the latter, continue using tanning beds. If you select the former, practice safe sun and get a spray tan.

Broken Blood Vessels: The cumulative affect of sun bathing or tanning beds causes sun damage and broken blood vessels. Who wants that? Bottom line.

Practice safe sun! Ditch the tanning beds and get a spray tan. Our spray tan solutions are natural and enriched with vitamins that feed your skin.

No orange, no risk of skin cancer and a beautiful off the beach glow. Take advantage of our $35 National Sunless Tanning Day Special and experience the difference.

How Long will your custom airbrush tan last?

Clients always ask us “how long will my airbrush spray tan last?”so lets take a minute to talk about it. We always tell our clients that your spray tan will last between 5 and 8  days, but some clients can get their tan to last longer. How do they do that? With our “prep and maintenance” tips! These tips are some things that you can do before you tan to prep your skin, as well as some thing you can do after to extend the life of your tan.

Lets talk about prepping your skin for the spray tan, the first thing you want to do is wax. If you do wax you will want to do this about 2 days prior to your airbrush spray tan treatment. The reason for this is that left over wax residue will block the absorption the spray tanning solution, which you don’t want. It’s also important to note is that you will not want to wax after you tan because you will actually wax off your tan. If you shave you can do this the night before or the same day as you airbrush treatment, whichever you prefer. The next and most important thing you can do to prep is to exfoliate your skin. Most people don’t know that humans are actually like snakes, we shed our skin every 28 days. So when you exfoliate your skin you are getting rid of the dead and dying skin that is ready to fall off any ways, that way the tanning solution will adhere to your soft, fresh, new skin. You can use a wash cloth, body brush, or a scrub to exfoliate your skin, they will all work well.

Immediately after you tan, wear LOOSE dark clothing. Remember that the color you are seeing is just the spray tanning bronzer and it takes about four hours for the solution to absorb into your skin and give you that natural and healthy glow. So if you put on something tight, like a bra, it will rub the solution off of your skin before it has a chance to absorb and it will look like you wore that bra when you were tanning. Also don’t wash your hands for at least eight hours. This is important as well because if you get wet at all or get any splash marks it will wash away the solution and you will be left with what ever water spots you see. And finally don’t put on any lotion until after you take your fist shower and wash off all the bronzer.

To prolong the life of your tan we recommend that you wait at least 8-10 hours before you take your first shower, preferable the next day. If you do decide to sleep on your tan remember that the bronzer has a tendency to rub off; lay some towels out on your bed so it doesn’t get on your sheets, but if the bronzer does rub off it will come out very easily. Whenever you decide to take your first shower remember that you will see some color running off and going into the drain. DO NOT PANIC, this is just the bronzer and its completely normal. When you do shower remember that the solution is sugar based and when sugar gets warm it melts, so do not take long hot showers, quick and cool. After your shower pat yourself dry with a towel, do not rub. Then apply a generous amount of lotion. The best advice we can give you is to put on as much lotion as you possible can, remember we are like snakes so the more moisturized your skin is the longer your tan will last.

For more tanning tips check out our “Prep and Maintenance” page.

Tanning Tips for the Bride-to-be

Wedding season is fast approaching and at Superior Spray Tanning we’re busy gearing up for the influx of brides and bridesmaids who grace our tent this time of year. Want to spray tan for your wedding without looking like a carrot walking down the aisle? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Many of our brides have never tried spray tanning, and their number one fear is obviously looking orange–followed closely by fear #2. Will the spray tan run off on my white dress? When applied properly and with these pre and post spray tanning tips you can prevent the orange and achieve that sun-kissed look you crave without the harmful effects of the sun.

I have sprayed many of brides for their big day. In fact, bridal sprays are our specialty. Our solution evens out the skin tone and adds the perfect touch of color — just enough to take a bride out of her winter slump and into the gorgeous glow that she needs. Not to mention that her photos will look incredible!

Here are  a few spray tanning tips and trade secrets exclusively for our brides- to- be.

1. Shave.

The day before your spray tan session yields the best results.

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

Exfoliate 12-24 hours prior with a sea-salt scrub (or other body exfoliating scrub). This removes loose, dead skin cells, which prevent the application of color. Exfoliating will improve and extend your tanning results.

3. Skip the oils, gels, lotions and perfumes.

Prior to tanning, your skin should be clean and dry with no product residue.  All makeup should also be removed before your spray tan session and don’t forget to take off your jewelry! You definitely don’t want a white necklace line with your strapless dress!

4. Tan in dark undergarments.

Bring dark, loose fitting clothing to wear after your tan (no skinny jeans or stretch pants). At bedtime, wear an over-sized T- shirt (I steal my hubby’s) and loose pants

5. Avoid bathing + workouts for 24 hours.

Avoid hitting the shower, pool, or other source of water for 8-12 hours (18-24 hours preferred). I also recommend using shower gel or body wash instead of bar soap (and do not exfoliate or use a shower puff – hands only).

Also, avoid any products that contain alcohol, alpha hydroxy acid, retin-a, beta hydroxy and any other peeling agents. You should moisturize twice daily with a basic product– nothing with perfumes or mineral oil

6. Trial Run

I always suggest a practice session about a month prior to an event. This way, we can perfect the look we are going for before the big day. Do you want to go darker? Would you rather a lighter sun- kissed effect?  Either way, you be glowing all the way to the honeymoon suite!

** Ask about our special discounts and incentives for bridal parties of six or more

Get a Spray Tan for Your Weekend Get-A-Way!

You’ve been busy working hard indoors most of the spring. Looking in the mirror you’re pale, your skin could use a little color before that getaway vacation. Weekend getaways are a lot fun and have the time of your life. So don’t spend your entire vacation time sun tanning, before you go you should consider toning your skin before you leave. This way, you can use the time you would spend lying around on the beach having more fun or worrying about dangerous UV rays!

Lots of people really want to get a beautiful tan without having to worry about getting skin cancer or painful sunburns. Today you can find a variety of products and methods which claim to give you a good-looking tan without worry. The best method is, Airbrush Tanning or Spray Tanning with Superior Spray Tanning. You will get the most amazing healthy looking tan without any harmful effects that you have ever had in your life.

Spray Tan My Face?

Some of our clients get really scared when we ask them if they want to tan their face, so lets take a minute to talk about it.

There are clients that are skeptical when we ask then if they want to tan their face, but there is no reason to worry, either way you will look sun-kissed and natural. About 90% of our clients opt for their face to be sprayed.

I’ll tell you what I tell every client that asks me what I think: When my face is tan I love it; I feel like I look younger, my skin tone is more even, my teeth look whiter, and I feel like I don’t have to wear as much make-up. However if you do decide to tan your face, you should know that you face will fade quicker then the rest of your body, but not to worry it will fade naturally and the color difference can be corrected with just a little bit of makeup.

Here is an opinion from a professional make-up artist Amie Decker, owner of Amie Decker Beauty…..

Yes! I really do not have many pet peeves when it comes to makeup, but my biggest pet peeve by far is what I like to call the “floating head.” You all know what I am talking about, when the color of someone’s face clearly does not match the rest of their body. This look may occur when gals go a little crazy with the face bronzer and fail to blend it into their neck and chest. However, I find the biggest offence is the pale head floating on a tan body.

Which leads me to answer the question, “should I tan my face?”Answer: YES!!! A customized organic spray tan is much different than a machine conducted mystic tan. A trained spray tan artist has the ability to adjust the solution so that your face does not look orange or too dark, but instead nice and even with the rest of your skin. When brides choose not to tan their face, I end up having to apply much more foundation than I normally would just to ensure their face matches the rest of their body. I find that most women prefer natural looking skin to heavy face makeup but when face and body are vastly different the heavy foundation cannot be avoided. As a makeup artist, I much prefer for women to get a nice even spray tan on their face and body instead of relying on makeup to even everything out.

I recommend exfoliating and cleansing your face before the organic spray tan to avoid clogged pores caused by makeup worn earlier in the day. I also recommend applying a lip balm as a barrier so you can avoid tan lips. 

Amie Decker

If you decide not to tan you face, that is okay to. We will blend up form your chest into your neck to create a nice fade. You can choose to wear darker makeup or not, either way you will still look natural. A number of people don’t tan there face when they tan naturally and for good reason, the sun causes wrinkles and dark pigmentation, remember thats why you are getting a spray tan to stay away form the harsh sun.

The choice is yours!