Tanning with Tattoos

It is always important to protect your skin from sun damage. When you have ink on your body it becomes even more important. A tattoo is a work of art and protecting them from sun damage is a must. Since the ink is in the skin, anything that can change your skin can change your tattoo.

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Spray tanning is a great alternative to sun tanning and will help your tattoos stay as bright as the day they were inked. Tanning solutions will not harm tattoos. If you have yellow or light tones, it can temporarily darken the color. The solution will not affect your tattoo, it will just appear tanned. Once your tan fades, your tattoo will be back to normal and the full colors of your tattoo will return. If you have a new tattoo, we recommend you wait until it’s fully healed before having a spray tan. If you have been spray tanned, wait until your tan has completely worn off before you choose to be inked. You want your tattoo artist to have the best canvas possible!

Some of our (tattooed) client’s opinion on spray tanning……

“I can’t tan out in the sun. I just burn. And I don’t want to ruin my tattoos. I’ve spent too much money and hours to ruin them because I want a tan. I’ve learned to embrace my porcelain skin. But with getting a spray tan, I know it’s a healthier way to have a golden glow and it keeps my tattoos looking bright no matter what! Spray tans haven’t dis-colored my tattoos in any way. I highly recommend getting spray tans if you have tattoos.”

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“I’ve always loved how much of a solid color my spray tans give me. After getting my sleeve done I was pretty nervous my tattoo might look dull/faded, as it has a lot of color. Thankfully, it didn’t at all!! My tattoo is still just as vibrant and full of color. I’m SO glad it works like that, because I’m extremely pale and would burn to a crisp if I tried anything other than spray tanning.”

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As always, continue to practice safe sun! Wear sunblock and stay away from UV rays!!

Why should I shave 24 hours before a spray tan?

When people are preparing for their spray tan, the first thing they think of is “I have to shave my legs before I go”. The answer is, if you are within 24 hours of your appointment, DO NOT SHAVE. You need to make sure you shave or waxed 24 hours before your spray tan so you give your pores enough time to close up properly before you get your spray tan. If you shave the day of your spray tan, the bronzer will get lodged in your pores and give your legs a freckly look. Some of it will come out after the first shower, but not all.