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Happy New Year!

Superior Spray Tanning was glad to be back to somewhat normal in 2021 with proms, weddings, dances and vacations! We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings us and we hope to see all of our wonderful clients! We loved being a part of our bride’s special day and helping them glow as they walked down the aisle. We have enjoyed seeing many of our pageant, dance and cheer clients achieve their goals on stage glowing in their Superior Spray Tans. Spring is always very busy for us! We enjoyed celebrating with our high school clients in their important moments during prom and graduation. And we always enjoy catching up with our regular clients throughout the year and love meeting the new ones! We hope that you enjoyed your spray tan(s) in 2021 and hope to see all of you back in 2022.

Happy New Year!




This Christmas, cold tones can stay outside while you get the perfect tan as a gift for your friends or yourself. With the biggest holiday of the year just around the corner, Christmas is a time of joy and an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Gift giving is the biggest tradition of the season but holiday shopping can turn into chaos as the date approaches. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, whether for yourself or a friend, a touch of color might be exactly what you’re looking for. Get a tan that will get you all the looks this season and choose your favorite way to get bronzed skin.

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Moisturize with Oil-Free Lotion

People are always asking me, “what is the best lotion to use after my spray tan?” Dry skin definitely makes it hard to keep your sunless tan looking fresh and smooth. Patchy skin shows in photographs.  To extend the life of your sunless tan moisturized skin is a MUST! The problem is that some lotions contain ingredients that during my many years of spraying, I have discovered don’t work well with sunless tans, whether you get a spray tan or you self-tan at home.

Lotion Ingredients that are bad for your spray tan:

  • Mineral oil
  • Alcohol
  • Fragrances
  • Dyes
  • Essential Oils

Essential oils that are in lotions or applied to the skin for aroma therapy can cause your spray tan to break down in the areas that you are applying the oils and can also cause problems with the essential oil residue causing an unsightly color change when you GET your spray tan.  Please make sure that you have removed all essential oil residue completely. Baking soda mixed into your mild shower wash will help to remove all traces of the oils before you come to your spray tanning appointment. And stop using the oils for at least 72 hours.

Staying away from these ingredients while wearing your sunless tan ensures that your pretty glow lasts as long as possible and fades smoothly. Both are good things.

Working Out with a Spray Tan

We all know spray tanning is a lot healthier alternative to keeping your summer glow year round. Plus it is a part of a lot of people’s weekly routine. We get the question often, “How do I keep my tan from coming off when I workout?” Tight sports bras, compression pants and all the movement can be rough on your tan but if you follow these simple tips you can still get your workout in while having a flawless tan!

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Step 1:

If you plan on working out the day of your tan, make sure to do so before your appointment. You will want to refrain from working out until after your first rinse. Sweating before your first rinse can cause your tan to not develop or streak.

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Step 2 :

Apply baby powder to areas that see the most friction before working out such as where your sports bra rubs, between the boobs, in creases of elbows and knees and insides of thighs. Apply powder heavier if you wear any kind of support or brace. All other areas can be lightly dusted.

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Step 3:

Make sure you are using a talc free deodorant. It keeps your underarms evenly tan. Always opt for a “clean scent”. High fragrance options can not only cause your tan to fade but sometimes the scent combination isn’t lovely.

Step 4:

Always shower after your workout. When sweat drys on your skin it can cause your skin to dry out more. Make sure to use a hydrating natural body wash and moisturize after to re-hydrate your skin.

Step 5:

Avoid saunas or hot yoga if at all possible or save it for your exfoliation day. They are extremely harsh on your tan and can cause it to exfoliate very quickly. Using a sauna or doing hot yoga can help the exfoliation process, doing this the night before your next tan can help prep for your next session but we highly recommend avoiding it while you are trying to extend your tan.


Keeping your day to day tan fresh while working out is easily possible by following these simple steps. If you are tanning for a special event such as a wedding or photo shoot we highly suggest using the day between your tan and the event as your rest day. Those super important days just aren’t worth the possible risk.

Spray Tanning 101

Here are the spray-tan tips I wish someone had given me before my first spray tan….

Schedule smartly. Evening appointments are the most logical, since you can go after work, then scurry home and promptly seal yourself into your private chambers. After the session, you’re forbidden from getting wet for 8 to 10 hours while your tan is developing, so you’ll have to wait until the morning to shower. Morning appointments, however, are best if clients need to shower that evening. If you are getting spray-tanned for a special occasion, make the appointment for two days before, but consider a trial a month in advance before a big event, like a wedding.

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Prep your skin, part one. Always exfoliate with a non-oil-based scrub before a spray tan. It is best to do this the day of your scheduled appointment, but the day before is fine, too.  Acceptable forms of exfoliation: scrubbing gently with a creamy formula, shaving the day before (always use new razor blades to avoid a situation where your tan fades unevenly), or waxing a few days before.

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Dress down. Pack some scrubby, loose-fitting clothes to wear home from your appointment. (Don’t breeze in wearing nothing but your dry-clean-only career-girl clothes). No wiggling into leggings, tights, skinny jeans, or any formfitting clothes (you should even try not to put your bra back on), or your bronze will look like a remnant from your vacation to Streak City. For footwear, wear loose sneakers with no socks, ballet flats, or any kind of slide-on shoes. Prior to your session, anything is fine; just remember any clothing that indents your skin beforehand will indent your tan afterward.

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Prepare your skin, part two. Wash your face before your appointment, and wipe your body down with a cleansing towelette. You want to come in with clean, fresh skin, so no moisturizers, deodorants, sunscreens, makeup, or oils of any kind. And since you won’t be showering—or washing your face—after, taking off all your makeup just makes good sense. (And check the weather, because if an unexpected rainstorm hits and you are not fully equipped with protective covering, you should reschedule the appointment.)

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Shower time! Once your 10 hours are up, shower with lukewarm to cool water, never hot. Wait until the water runs clear, then pat dry and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

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Maintain. The more hydrated your skin is, the longer the tan will last. I suggest moisturizing morning and evening with an oil-free moisturizing formula. You should avoid getting full-on manicures or pedicures, as they’ll break down the tan. Polish changes are OK, but “no scrubbing, bubbles, soaks, massages, or hot water.” Working out is fine, but it’s best to wait at least two days before exercising, as heavy sweating removes the color sooner. If workouts can be avoided, they should be (I guess that’s why they say if you can’t tone it, tan it).

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Protect Your Spray Tan on Vacation

With vacation season at its peak, we wanted to share tanning tips for making your spray tan last longer during all of your summer adventures.

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Protecting your tan on vacation can be simple if you follow these steps:


A spray tan will not protect you from burning in the natural sun. You always want to use a water resistant, oil-free sunscreen. Although spray on sunscreen can be convenient, most of them don’t provide the water resistance needed to protect your tan against chlorine or salt water. Most spray on sunscreens typically contain mineral oil and alcohol which will strip down a spray tan. Apply Lotion SPF (80 min water resistance) 20 minutes before entering the water. This will create a barrier between your tan and the elements.  If you are consistently in the water, re-apply every 30-40 minutes to keep a strong barrier. If you are just dipping in and out to cool off you can re-apply every 1.5-2 hours. We highly suggest a lotion based sunscreen or the Neutrogena beach defense spray-on sunscreen. Whatever you pick, make sure it is OIL_FREE!

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  1. Rehydrate & Cleanse

After a long day out having fun, you want to make sure you shower and hydrate your body and add back moisture to your skin cells. You don’t want to sit for hours with chlorine and salt water sitting on your skin. It will dry you out. After your shower make sure to pat dry and moisturize

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  1. Refresh your tan

We totally understand you likely won’t be perfect with the sunscreen application and depending on your water activities you may have areas that fade slightly faster than others. Taking a tan extender with you is great for refreshing your color. Just apply it to the areas that need a boost at night before bed and wake up with a fresh and renewed tan! It has the solution in it so it will match your color perfect.

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  1. Protect Your Face!

Your face is a lot more sensitive and has a higher chance of burning.
Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and a hat for maximum protection. And drink your water 😉

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Can You Swim with a Spray Tan?

Uh oh. You just got a gorgeous, glistening spray tan but now it’s time to hit the beach. If you’re worried your spray tan will come out a streaky, orange mess after taking a dip, fear not.  The answer is yes…if you’re careful.

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If you’re the safe sun type (and I hope you are), then you’ve likely experimented with spray tanning. Spray tans are an easy, safe alternative to tanning beds, and definitely a healthier alternative to rubbing yourself with baby oil and spending hours in direct sunlight. However, sunless tanning requires some upkeep, which is necessary to help it stay on through sweaty gym sessions and yes, sunny pool days.

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You can swim with a spray tan, but chlorine does have lightening properties and strips away skin cells which will break down your tan more quickly. To make your tan last longer you need to moisturize and re-apply self-tanner more frequently. If you are swimming in the ocean the same rules apply because salt water will dry out your skin and cause your tan to fade more quickly.

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As if we needed another reason to stay moisturized! The moral of the story, ladies and gents: Along with proper exfoliation before your spray tan for even coverage, consistently applying moisturizer can help protect and extend your tan.

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Red, White and TAN!

July 4th is only a few days away, meaning a slew of celebratory events with friends and family all day for BBQs, picnics, parties and, of course, the obligatory fireworks. Preparations are bound to be insane, but that is hardly an excuse for putting anything less than your best foot forward. Or legs, rather. Independence Day wouldn’t be right without the standard uniform of bathing suit, shorts and dresses emblazoned with all things patriotic, no? But worry not, getting beautiful legs by Friday isn’t impossible. Here’s the breakdown: exfoliate, moisturize, fake a tan and give yourself an extra bit of glow, just in time for a weekend of living in your favorite shorts! 

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  1. Exfoliate. Gently buff away rough and dead skin build-up, paying special attention to the knees, ankles and feet. Smooth legs is always a plus, but it’s absolutely essential in preparation for spray tanning.
  2. Spray Tan.  Make the healthy switch! Try an airbrushed spray tan instead of subjecting yourself to damaging UV rays for that summer skin we’re always after.
  3. Moisturize. Soften and improve skin texture. Beautiful legs is serious business!
  4. Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow! Three words. Superior Spray Tanning. For that perfect, sun-kissed glow. A little bit of shimmer goes a long way – it’s our secret to radiant skin.
  5. … and an extra beauty tip since we love you. Wedges not only elongate the leg, but can help fake a great calf muscle for all those July 4th shorts and dresses.

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So bare those legs and the skin you’re in with utmost confidence! You’ve always had it; it’s just a matter of letting us help you bring it out. Happy Independence Day from your friends at Superior Spray Tanning!

Are you bikini ready?

The sun is out and the beach is on my mind! No one wants to feel uncomfortable or ashamed in a bikini.  We all starting thinking about getting in shape for the summer back in March, but time goes by fast, and next thing you know it’s already bikini season, and you don’t feel bikini ready. Here are a few tips to get ready!

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1. Nutrition

Abs are made in the kitchen!! I truly believe that getting that bikini body is 80% what you are fueling your body with and 20% exercise. Eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, have lots of protein (chicken, fish, turkey, tofu, eggs, etc.) and plan ahead! Eat more vegetables: While ‘dieting’ we often focus on what we can’t eat, and we forget about about the foods that we can enjoy.  Eat unlimited vegetables, enjoy them and be creative with how you cook them.  Not only will this nourish your body, but it will alleviate some of your cravings.  Stop drinking alcohol: Most people hate hearing this, but the truth hurts.  Other than wine being filled with antioxidants, alcohol has no benefits to your body.  Alcohol is full of unnecessary calories and sugar that not only make it more difficult for your body to burn fat, but can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. If it’s too difficult to cut out alcohol, try minimizing your intake to 1-2 glasses on the weekend.

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2. Exercise

Exercising will make you feel stronger, healthier, more fit, help you burn more calories, give you energy, will help you eat better, sleep better and over all, FEEL BETTER! I can’t stress enough the importance of exercise. Schedule your workouts in advance so you make sure that you go! Include it in your work day so you don’t skip it. So many people limit themselves because they feel like they have to be in a gym. One of my biggest tips is to just do something every day. It doesn’t have to be an hour out of your day, it could be 10 minutes doing a quick high intensity workout and then you’re done! It’s all about consistency and creating habits rather than just going to the gym when it’s convenient. Personally I’m obsessed with doing abs and booty exercises. I find them fun, easy and most of it you can do with just your body weight!

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3. Hydrate Yourself

I think this one speaks for itself, but keeping hydrated helps the body to naturally cleanse out , helps your skin glow and leaves your body feeling great! Consuming enough water should be the first thing you change in your diet.  Water helps lubricate your muscles and joints, helps flush out toxins and waste from your body and it helps improves the vitality of your skin.  At the end of the day, drinking water will help you look and feel better.

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4. Get Your Bronze On

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a tropical beach and being the whitest person on the sand…or just blending into the sand completely. You gotta get a little pre-tan happening so that you have the confidence to strip down and frolic into the warm waves. I recommend getting a spray-tan the day before you go.  No harmful UV rays needed! Find a swimsuit that showcases your assets: There are so many swimsuits on the market that flatter different body types. Find a swimsuit that flatters your body, and showcases your assets and spray tan.  Keep looking till you find a swimsuit that makes you feel confident and beautiful!

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5. Love Yourself and Be Confident in Your Own Skin

Regardless of your shape and size you will NEVER be happy or feel bikini body ready unless you can truly love who you are as a person first. Lets face it, most of us will never look like a Victoria Secret swimsuit model.  Learn to be OK with that, and to appreciate your body just the way it is. That does not mean that you shouldn’t work to improve your body, but learn how to appreciate it every step of the way.  If you have curves OWN IT, and if you are skin and bone, own that too! Everyone was created differently and beautifully! Stop comparing your body to others, and learn how to love your strengths, and your flaws. If you truly want to feel good in your own skin every day, it comes to being able to look at yourself in the mirror and boldly say the words “You are beautiful” even when you don’t feel like it! Surround yourself with people that encourage and support you! You can never gain healthy self-love just from people complimenting you. It has to come from within YOU!

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