Tanning into the fall

As summer comes to an end, fall and cold weather are undoubtedly right around the corner. Time outside slowly decreases and warm weather activities like poolside parties come to an end. As time outdoors concludes, so does the chance for your skin to soak up the sun, creating the “summer glow” that everyone strives for. But cold weather shouldn’t automatically mean pale skin. There are plenty of options for people to gain a natural-looking, summer glow without the warm weather and direct sunlight. Spray tanning is a perfect option for those who are looking for a convenient way to look tan even if it’s cold outside. Having a hard time finding reasons to tan in the winter? Read on as we discuss the rationale of tanning in the fall and winter months.

Cold-weather Tanning for… Personal Improvement

It might be a foreign concept to some, but every so often it’s important to do something for nobody’s benefit but your own. Things like getting a massage, buying your favorite scented candle or taking baths are ways that you can treat yourself and in turn, improve your overall happiness. A great example of a way to improve your self-esteem during the winter months is to give your skin a makeover with a spray tan. The simple act of getting a spray tan will change your whole outlook on the way you feel, especially if it’s freezing and miserable outside. Even if no one else is able to see your tan while you are bundled up from the weather, at least you will have the confidence and feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Cold-weather Tanning for… Your Significant Other

The only person that will most likely see your bikini body outside of the summer months will be your significant other. Even in the winter, it’s important to get the compliments you crave and feel confident in an intimate setting. Having a tan can easily help with those personal settings and make you feel great about yourself.

Cold-weather Tanning for… Special Events

Another great reason to stay tan during the fall and winter are the special events and activities you need to attend. As you read through this list of events, envision the difference between attending these events looking pale and sick with a cold red nose, or with a realistic sunless tan. Look and feel your best at these important events with a spray tan!

  • Homecoming
  • Fall/Winter weddings
  • Brightly-colored fashions
  • Holiday parties
  • Halloween
  • Vacation
  • Engagements
  • Work parties/events
  • New Years

Cold-weather Tanning to… Lift Your Spirits!

Just because it’s cold and you may be more covered than you would be in the summer months, keeping a tan during fall and winter will make your clothes and fashion choices look better and give you a much needed confidence boost in the depressing winter months. Whatever the reason or occasion, choosing to keep a tan during the colder months is a good option for anyone. There is nothing like looking in the mirror and feeling bronzed and beautiful!

Working out with a spray tan

In everyone’s life, there comes a time when working out becomes an essential part of keeping your body looking and feeling healthy. Looking healthy could include tanning your skin, changing your hair color, and whitening your teeth. When it comes to weight though, metabolisms tend to slow down and the body becomes less adaptable to physical activity. For that reason, choosing a workout program becomes a critical decision in your life after twenty. Below are a few workout programs outlined for their difficulty, time commitment and cost. Some workouts are more extreme than others, but that may be what you need to work towards your weight loss goals. Remember that not all workout programs are made for everyone, and it’s important to listen to your body to choose what’s right for you. Once you have found the right workout plan, your new, fit body will look even better with your spray tan.

Workout Program #1 Zumba

  • Difficulty: Light to Moderate
  • Time-commitment: 1 hour classes
  • Cost: DVD’s range from $50-$85 and classes start at $10

Are you always the first one on the dance floor at parties? If dancing is your passion, try adding Zumba to your workout program. Zumba combines exercise and entertainment into a dance-fitness class featuring upbeat music and easy-to-follow choreography that feels more like a celebration than a workout. With multiple categories of Zumba classes, there are styles and goals for everyone who wants to have fun while they work out. Find a workout near you or buy the DVD’s to work out in the comfort of your home! Just be sure to wear loose fitting clothing where your spray tan may rub off in the midst of sweating off the calories! 

Workout Program #2 Insanity

  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Time-commitment: 60 day program with 30-45 minute workouts
  • Cost: $120 for a set of 10 DVD’s

Are you ready to test your endurance? Insanity is an extremely challenging DVD workout to use at home that requires intense focus and determination for 60 days. The workout is known to be “crazy” and “insane,” and claims to be one of the hardest workouts ever put out on DVD. Though the workouts may be challenging, results are proven and if correctly followed, Insanity will give your body a strong, defined look that you will love. Because of the challenging workouts, make sure to equip yourself with touch up products where your tan may fade.

Workout Program #3 Yoga

  • Difficulty: Light to Moderate
  • Time-commitment: 45 min to 1 hour long classes
  • Cost: $10-$30 per class

Yoga has become an extremely popular way to not only meditate, but be a strong workout alternative for those who dedicate themselves. Yoga welcomes practitioners of all ages because of its strong focus on stretching and listening to the body’s internal voice. Yoga offers multiple poses and postures to help build and tone muscle, stretch the body, and find inner serenity. The act of practicing yoga can become a lifestyle if you let it. Healthy eating, helpful stretches, and intense, core-building positions create good habits that give you an all-encompassing feeling of wellness. Classes take place all over the US and resources are available to help you find the best place to practice the art of yoga. DVD’s are also available for those who like to practice at home. Wear loose clothing and your tan will be sure to last throughout this workout.

Workout Program #4 Crossfit

  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Time-commitment: 1 hour long classes
  • Cost: $165-$200 a month

Crossfit is a workout program which aims to prepare trainees for any physical contingency and works to define fitness in a meaningful, measurable way. The workouts given to Crossfit trainees require intensity and strength, focusing on effective exercises that change frequently. To start Crossfit, training courses are required to learn the methodology and foundational skills used in the workout program’s fitness classes. Crossfit requires a higher time and cost commitment, but it’s worth the effort to reshape your body and give you the highest level of fitness training possible. Crossfit training centers are located all over the country to take classes and offer a large online following for added support and information. Because of this intense training, make sure to plan your workouts along with your spray tan schedule to get the most out of your tan.

Workout Program #5 Pilates

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time-commitment: 45 min to 1 hour long classes
  • Cost: $30-$40 per session

An innovative and transformative system of exercise, Pilates transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. Pilates improves ones flexibility, agility and range of motion and is meant for people of all ages. Pilates focuses on developing a strong core and creating long lean muscles with stretches and positions that help evenly condition the body and prevent injuries. Though Pilates has Yoga inspired exercises, this workout program works at a slightly faster pace than yoga and focuses on extending a certain stretch within a limited amount of time using resistance and core awareness. Like Yoga, there are classes that take place all over the US and with the option to purchase DVD’s to workout in your home. When planning to take Pilates, remember to use products after your workout that bring your tan back to life!

Finding the right workout program is essential to having a longer, healthier life. With all of the wonderful and challenging fitness resources out there, you have nothing to lose! Get involved in exercises that you know you will like, but also try something new! A different workout program may be surprisingly fun and challenging. With that great body you’ll have, think about what else you can do to improve your self-image. Treat yourself to a makeover, a new hairstyle, and a great tan. You will feel like a million bucks and know that it’s all because you worked hard!