How to Create the Red Carpet Look

You don’t need to be a film star to get a deep fake tan with golden highlights that hit you in all the right places. Starting from building a matte base color to highlighting your best features, creating the signature tan that we see on runways and red carpets all over the world may be a multistep process, but it’s not as tough as it sounds. While movie stars do have personal stylists, most of the professional products that used to be off limits to anyone outside of the celebrity circuit are now readily available. With a few key products and the easy tips below, you too can create a celebrity-inspired tan that will make you the center of attention at any special event.

Starting with the Base
Why do you need to first create a matte, all-over fake tan to get that red carpet look you crave? The answer is simple. Behind the glowing tans that we see on our favorite celebrities are layers of products that are all strategically applied to create skin with the perfect blend of shimmer, lights and shadows. Base tans are naturally beautiful and ideal for looking your best for everyday occasions, but layering is essential for those glamorous parties and events when you want to get noticed as soon as you walk into the room.

Since you’ll be using additional products on top of your original fake tan, don’t go too dark. If you have pale skin, try a light/medium formula in a golden. If you have naturally olive or darker skin, go with a medium/dark formula for a deeper tan. Whether you prefer spray tans or body lotions, you can use any formula to build the foundation. Just remember to exfoliate the day before to turn your body into a clean canvas.

Add Depth and Dimension
Now that you have a flawless base tan, it’s time to take your color up a notch for your party look with tan-enhancing products. Skin Illuminators and Bronzing Powders are some of the biggest power players in the beauty collections of makeup artists who are responsible for creating UV-free sun-baked skin for their star-studded clientele. The secret of the trade is to use both as contouring tools to add highlights and shadows that accentuate each client’s best features while downplaying imperfections. The result isn’t just the most flawless tan you can imagine, but it’s also a complete transformation from a naturally beautiful woman into an exotic bronze bombshell.

Tips for Using Skin Illuminators and Bronzing Powder

Moisturize after your first shower. Body lotion will lock in hydration, prevent fading and make it easier for bronzers and illuminators to last longer on your skin.

  • If you’re wearing a short dress, elongate your legs and make them look thinner by throwing on some high heels.
  • To add contrast that instantly makes you look thinner and at the same time define your favorite features, apply some blush to your cheekbones.
  • For backless dresses, add a touch of classic Hollywood glamour by dabbing a small amount of body shimmer on your shoulder blades and down your spine.
  • Finish by sweeping your tan with a light bronzing powder to seal in your color.


Reasons to Spray Tan in the Winter

Getting a spray tan is a great way to satisfy your craving for sun-kissed skin during the bleakest days of the year. While dark tanners should be retired until next summer, winter is the perfect time for a subtle golden glow. And with winter-friendly colors and help from a few must-have tanning accessories, spray tanning during the coldest season has many benefits and hardly any drawbacks.

The Benefits of Spray Tanning During Cold Weather

  • Love the way you look all year long. Tanning can make your skin look younger, healthier and more vibrant. Browns, greens and other seasonal colors can make pale skin look washed out and dull. Adding a subtle hint of color to your skin can be just what you need to boost your confidence and give your winter wardrobe a quick face-lift.
  • Maintaining a natural-looking tan during the colder months is easier than you think. Since you are working with a lighter color palette, you can stop worrying about uneven fading or missed spots, which would be more noticeable in summer.
  • Get motivated to take better care of your skin. Cold weather can be extremely tough on your skin, especially if you do not actively protect it on a daily basis. Because you need to exfoliate and moisturize to get even coverage, spray tanning in the winter can make it easier to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.