5 Spray Tanning Myths You Should Ignore

Spray tanning may be one of today’s hottest beauty and celebrity trends, but there are still a lot of misconceptions out there that make new clients feel nervous about switching from self-tanning lotions to spray tans. Learning more about the facts behind the common myths about spray tanning can help you decide if it is the right solution for your body and lifestyle.

1. Spray tans are messy.

There is nothing messy about spray tanning. Because airbrush mist is sprayed directly on your skin at a high speed, there is no color run off. Most spray tans are formulated to dry fast, so you can be on your way out just a few minutes after your application. If you are worried about getting a tan in areas where it can look unnatural, you can protect them with barrier cream.

2. Spray tans look unnatural.

One of the biggest reasons why people put off getting a spray tan is because they are afraid it will turn their skin into an unnatural shade of orange. In reality, controlling the intensity of your color with spray tans is easy. High-quality tanning solutions are specifically developed with color guards that work with unique skin tones to develop a tan that looks healthy and natural. If you are nervous about choosing the right shade at your first appointment, ask our spray tanning artist for help. When in doubt, stick to lighter solutions. You can always go darker with products at home or at your next appointment.

3. Spray tans are dangerous.

Spray tans use the same active chemical as other tanners, so there is no reason why they would be more toxic to your body. The only way a spray tan can potentially be harmful is if you swallow a large amount of tanning mist during the application. You can avoid any potential side effects by covering your mouth, eyes and nose while tanning.

4. Sunlight is good for you.

While it is true that sunlight can help your body produce vitamin D, the health risks of ongoing exposure to UV rays far outweigh its benefits. Compared to outdoor tanning, spray tanning is a lot safer and faster. To protect your skin from damage, get vitamin D from your diet or take over-the-counter supplements.

5. Spray tans are not worth the money because they fade fast.

The lifespan of a spray tan is directly related to skin care. Exfoliating before spray tanning and using moisturizers on a regular basis after your tanning session can easily double the amount of time your spray tan lasts.