This Christmas, cold tones can stay outside while you get the perfect tan as a gift for your friends or yourself. With the biggest holiday of the year just around the corner, Christmas is a time of joy and an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Gift giving is the biggest tradition of the season but holiday shopping can turn into chaos as the date approaches. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, whether for yourself or a friend, a touch of color might be exactly what you’re looking for. Get a tan that will get you all the looks this season and choose your favorite way to get bronzed skin.

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Spray Tanning with Acne

Can spray tanning help mask your acne?

Acne is never fun to deal with especially the more severe it gets. We’ve all been through it and, although it may seem difficult, with most people it eventually subsides with little effect. So what can you do to cover it up? Is spray tanning the right solution?

Of course when we talk about tanning solutions for acne we aren’t referring to UV based tanning. This includes both bed tanning and traditional tanning under the sun; Both of which cause trauma to the skin and increase melanoma leading to cancer risks.

One of the main bi-products of acne is dead skin – The bane of tanning solutions! Spray tanning solutions contain the chemical DHA which can change the color of dead skin cells. Typically, dead skin tends to hang around pimples which can actually darken that area when spray tanning is applied. This means dark spots on your face!

So what’s the solution? Exfoliating! The more you exfoliate in the little time before your spray tan, the better chance you have of an even tan across your face. It’s also good to explain your situation to your spray tanning professional as most have tips to ensure even coating across acne areas. An easy trick is to apply thin coats to ensure proper toning of the skin and prevent spotting. It may take longer but will definitely produce the results you’re looking for.

Don’t worry about tanning solutions causing more acne. With proper exfoliation you’ll remove dead skin cells and prevent escalating your acne after your next spray tan.

Don’t be scary pale this Halloween

One of the best times to schedule your Superior Spray Tan is … you guessed it—Halloween! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, because it’s a chance to showcase your flawless airbrush spray tan! Are you planning a sexy Halloween costume and you need a perfect sun-kissed tan to do the trick? Then, Superior Spray Tanning has you covered! Book your spray tanning appointment today!View More: https://maddiekayephotography.pass.us/steph-scary-halloween

Halloween is the Perfect Excuse to Dress Up

Take advantage of the Halloween spirit and dress up in your best costume. Whether you plan to go as a scary clown, sexy witch or a bloody zombie, spray tanning will do away with the pasty white and give you the beautiful, bronze skin to take your costume to the next level.

View More: https://maddiekayephotography.pass.us/steph-scary-halloween

Winter is Coming!

The amazing summer sun has disappeared and getting a tan outdoors is no longer feasible. What is the best (and healthiest) replacement? Spray tanning!

Get tanned this month for Halloween and your spray tan will be vibrant for much longer!

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Book Now! Space is Limited

Whatever you decide to wear for Halloween, the one element you can’t forget is a spray tan at Superior Spray Tanning! Halloween is all about feeling and looking beautiful, and an airbrush spray tan is a quick and easy way to achieve that healthy glow! Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for spray tanning so go ahead and book your appointment today to reserve your spot!

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May is skin cancer awareness month

The month of May is observed throughout the world as the Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Superior Spray Tanning is doing their part in raising awareness about skin cancer by offering protection advice and $10 discount on their custom airbrush tanning service.
Superior Spray Tanning has decided to help raise skin cancer awareness throughout the month of May. This month is being observed around the world as the Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Different government bodies and organizations in the field of health and wellness have taken month long initiatives to fight skin cancer. Throughout this month, Superior Spray Tanning will be offering tips to prevent the risk of skin cancer. Additionally, a discount of $10 will be available on their highly sought after airbrush tanning service throughout the month.
Skin cancer is now the most common form of cancer in the United States. The reason behind this disease is Ultraviolet radiation from different sources such as the Sun, sunlamps, tanning booths, etc. However, the good news is that skin cancer can be treated with a high success rate, provided it is detected and treated early. This is why there is a lot of effort around the world to raise awareness about the detection and prevention of skin cancer.
Airbrush tanning is now considered to be a healthier alternative to traditional tanning because it doesn’t involve exposure to UV rays. Superior Spray Tanning has many clients who have had skin cancer and now they have to avoid the sun and do only spray tanning instead.  This is why we want to provide a $10 discount during the month of May to anyone who has never had a spray tan just to show them how real and natural the spray tan can look.  Our spray tans look like real tans and no one would never even know that they are fake tans!
Superior Spray Tanning also makes the following recommendations to fight skin cancer
  • Making use of shades.
  • Avoiding sunburns.
  • Sun protection using hat, sunglasses, and clothing.
  • Avoiding UV tanning.
  • Use of sunscreen with a broad spectrum.
  • To keep the newborn babies out of the sun.
  • Periodic examination of the skin.

Shaving with a spray tan

Can I Shave After A Spray Tan?

This is a very common question and the answer is YES as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Shaving Before Your Spray Tan:

First things first, BEFORE your spray tan appointment go ahead and exfoliate your body and shave.  This gives us a smooth pallet to spray over and removes the dry patchy skin that can lead to an uneven sunless tan.

Can You Shave The Day Of A Spray Tan?

Shave the night before your tan, it gives your pores a chance to close up before the spray tan is applied so the tanning solution doesn’t settle into them resulting in little polka dots.


Shaving After Your Spray Tan:

Please wait 8-10 hours after getting your spray tan before you are shaving anything. Shaving does exfoliate the skin, so to shave AFTER your spray tan there are a few tricks to remember:

  1. USE A NEW RAZOR.  The old razor that is hanging out in the shower is dull and will drag on your skin taking your tan off with it. This isn’t going to make anyone happy so go grab a fresh one so it can glide along without dragging against your skin as much.
  2. DON’T USE SHAVING FOAM.  Shaving products often have ingredients that can damage your tan. Alcohol and heavy detergents which can dry and strip your tan away.  In a pinch use your conditioner or a sulfate free, shower wash so you are not applying harsh products to your freshly sprayed tan. If your razor has a moisturizing strip make sure that you are rinsing all that product off your skin too. PRO TIP: Never dry shave.
  3. LIGHT TOUCH. Don’t press hard when you are shaving.  Let the razor glide along your skin gently so that you are not taking off the tan when you shave.

Spray Tan Tips For Men

When it comes to my male clients getting their spray tan applied we need to have a quick conversation about your shaving routine.

You are shaving your face and/or head so if we mess this up it’s gonna show.

My questions are:

  • How often do you shave?
  • Do you use a blade or electric?
  • Are you using any pre-shave products or after-shave products?

First shave your face and/or head before you come in for your spray tan appointment.

This gives me a clean palate to start with.

Before shaving the first time after I have applied your airbrush spray tan, wait at least 8-10 hours for the sunless tan to fully develop before showering or shaving.

Skip the pre-shave products as they have ingredients in them that will break down your tan.

Don’t use a foam based shaving product.  These have alcohol and detergents in them that will break down your tan.

Do use a plain alcohol free lotion after you shave to soothe and hydrate your skin and keep your tan moisturized.

Don’t shave daily if you can help it.

Use an electric razor over a blade. This is gentler to your spray tan helping it to last longer.

Spray Tan Tips For Shaving

Try not to shave daily after your spray tan if you can help it.  The more often you are shaving the faster you will fade out your color. Also, waxing after your spray tan will definitely remove your color as waxing removes some skin along with the hair so make sure that if you are waxing that you do that 24 hours BEFORE your spray tan.

You CAN have bronzy smooth skin if you follow these spray tan tips for shaving after your spray tan!

And as always, following up with a good moisturizer or sunless glow creme can help to keep your color longer.