Congratulations to the Class of 2019

As soon-to-be graduates prepare for their trip down the auditorium aisle to receive their diplomas, many believe a glowing tan is a must-have accessory. However, the method by which that tan is achieved could mean the difference between bronze skin and a life-threatening disease.

The public is aware that sunburns can be particularly dangerous, but scientific evidence increasingly suggests there’s no such thing as a safe tan — particularly if that tan comes by way of baking in the sun or in a tanning bed.

Graduates who want a sun-kissed look for parties, senior week, graduation and other end-of-school events should consider custom airbrush spray tans  instead of sunbathing or tanning beds.

Superior Spray Tanning offers a Graduation Special to all of their 2019 graduates to glow during their graduation events!

graduates 2019

Celebrate with us!

Superior Spray Tanning is celebrating 8 years in business! We would like to thank all of our clients over the past 8 years. Come celebrate with us on Tuesday April 2nd and receive a spray tan for only $28!

Book your appointment today by calling us at 301-674-6432 or emailing us at

8 years in business

Tanning After Waxing: Dos and Don’ts

Planning to get a wax and a spray tan close together in the near future? Before you make an appointment, be sure to read up on a few important dos and don’ts for tanning after waxing.

Were you planning to spray tan soon after waxing your legs or another part of your body? That would be a tanning do. Waxing your body before tanning is a great way to exfoliate your skin which is an extremely important step to take to do before getting a tan. Why is this? Because tanning solution sticks much better to skin that’s been exfoliated than not. By getting a wax you are killing two birds with one stone – taking care of the exfoliation process as well as ridding yourself of unwanted body hair. Basically, you will be getting a longer lasting and more striking tan by exfoliating first.


However getting a spray tan the same day as waxing is a serious don’t. You will want to give your skin about 24 hours to recover before having your tan done to avoid an uneven look. Giving you skin time to bounce back from bumps and irritation without waiting long enough that the exfoliation has worn off will allow you to get the perfectly even and totally bronzed look you crave. When you get a spray tan directly after waxing, say in the same appointment time, you will end up with a tan that looks a bit patchy and uneven – far from ideal. In other words, just don’t do it!

No matter what you do, you will want to be sure that your skin is exfoliated before getting that spray tan done. If you aren’t planning to get a wax shortly before your tanning session, there are a couple of other ways to get that exfoliation done. One method is scrubbing with a body sponge or brush in the bath. This removes dead skin cells and exposes the freshest skin cells which tanning color sticks to the easiest and the longest. A wash cloth or exfoliating body wash will also do the trick – be sure to look at the bottle and check to make sure that you’re getting one with exfoliating beads. However, the easiest method is simply to schedule your waxing appointment within a day of your tanning appointment to get the most out of your for the littlest amount of effort and stress.


Sweetheart of a Deal

Romance, flowers, chocolates, tanning?!  Umm… OBVIOUSLY!

Whether you are happily celebrating this day of love solo or with a significant other –you’ll rock any Valentines Day outfit you decide to wear after spray tanning with Superior Spray Tanning. You’ll leave with that sun-kissed look sure to impress your love, or the other singles out and about!


sweethear of a deal

Book your Valentine’s Day tan today. The week of Valentine’s Day, we will be running “Sweetheart of a Deal” spray tanning special!


valentine day special 2019

February 11th and 12th: Spray tans will be $20

February 13th and 14th: Spray tans will be $25

February 15th and 16th: Spray tans will be $30

*mention this deal when you book your spray tan*



New Year, New You

Superior Spray Tanning had an amazing year in 2018 and we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings us! We loved being a part of our bride’s special day and helping them glow as they walked down the aisle. We have enjoyed seeing many of our pageant, dance and cheer clients achieve their goals on stage glowing in their Superior Spray Tans. Spring is always very busy for us! We enjoyed celebrating with our high school clients in their important moments during prom and graduation. And we always enjoy catching up with our regular clients throughout the year and love meeting the new ones! We hope that you enjoyed your spray tan(s) in 2018 and hope to see all of you back in 2019.

Happy New Year!

12 Deals of Christmas

Tis the season for eggnog lattes, twinkling lights, falling snow and giveaways. We love the Christmas season and we love our clients so we wanted to put together a special gift for you to show our appreciation! Make sure to mention this post to receive your special gift or discount!

December 1st-3rd: Free small tube of tan extender with your spray tan

December 4th-6th: Get a spray tan and bring a friend along for free

December 7th-9th: Free bottle of our recommended moisturizer

December 10th-12th: Buy 1 tan, get ½ off your next spray tan

December 13th-15th: Free exfoliating sponge with your spray tan

December 16th-17th: $10 off your spray tan

December 18th-20th: 20% off your spray tan

December 21st-23rd: $5 off your spray tan

December 24th: 1/2 price spray tans

December 26th-28th: 18% off your spray tan to say goodbye to 2018

December 29th-30th: Go out of 2018 with a bang with $18 off your spray tan

December 31st: $19 spray tans to ring in the new year