Working Out with a Spray Tan

We all know spray tanning is a lot healthier alternative to keeping your summer glow year round. Plus it is a part of a lot of people’s weekly routine. We get the question often, “How do I keep my tan from coming off when I workout?” Tight sports bras, compression pants and all the movement can be rough on your tan but if you follow these simple tips you can still get your workout in while having a flawless tan!

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Step 1:

If you plan on working out the day of your tan, make sure to do so before your appointment. You will want to refrain from working out until after your first rinse. Sweating before your first rinse can cause your tan to not develop or streak.

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Step 2 :

Apply baby powder to areas that see the most friction before working out such as where your sports bra rubs, between the boobs, in creases of elbows and knees and insides of thighs. Apply powder heavier if you wear any kind of support or brace. All other areas can be lightly dusted.

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Step 3:

Make sure you are using a talc free deodorant. It keeps your underarms evenly tan. Always opt for a “clean scent”. High fragrance options can not only cause your tan to fade but sometimes the scent combination isn’t lovely.

Step 4:

Always shower after your workout. When sweat drys on your skin it can cause your skin to dry out more. Make sure to use a hydrating natural body wash and moisturize after to re-hydrate your skin.

Step 5:

Avoid saunas or hot yoga if at all possible or save it for your exfoliation day. They are extremely harsh on your tan and can cause it to exfoliate very quickly. Using a sauna or doing hot yoga can help the exfoliation process, doing this the night before your next tan can help prep for your next session but we highly recommend avoiding it while you are trying to extend your tan.


Keeping your day to day tan fresh while working out is easily possible by following these simple steps. If you are tanning for a special event such as a wedding or photo shoot we highly suggest using the day between your tan and the event as your rest day. Those super important days just aren’t worth the possible risk.