Makeup tips to enhance your spray tan

Beautifully done face makeup starts first and foremost with the quality of your skin and its natural glow. If you have recently tanned or exercised, your skin will automatically look more luminous and dewy. To enhance this amazing part of your skin’s quality, it’s important to use the right makeup products in the right places to create a look that is absolutely sensational. After getting a spray tan, treat yourself to a new batch of makeup that will help enhance your natural beauty. Use products that are lightweight and won’t cover the beautiful color you get from a spray tan.

Follow along as each piece of the makeup puzzle is broken down for your convenience. With these tips, you can create a look that enhances your spray tan and your natural beauty!


Use the correct color base and highlighter to improve your skins overall complexion and color.

Foundation – Avoid heavy liquid foundations that cake the skin. Instead, use a loose powder that you can apply at your discretion to create a natural, even look. The color of the foundation should match the underneath of your forearm. It may be helpful to have two or three slightly different shades of foundation during the different stages of your tan. Apply enough to fully cover the face and décolleté area.

(Do you really need foundation? A benefit to a great spray tan is the even tone it provides to your face. You might find you can get away with much less foundation when compared to your skin without a spray tan.)

Illuminating Cream – Apply illuminating cream to the places where the sun would hit you face. This includes your cheekbones, brow bones, and the top of your nose. Lightly apply to these areas for brightened, more defined facial features.

Bronzer – In addition to illuminating cream, bronzer helps blend and add depth to the foundation you use. With bronzer, think less is more (especially when you have a beautiful spray tan!) Keep everything blended with a large kabuki brush. With the combination of these three products, your skin will have an even, beautiful color.


People say that the eyes are the window to your soul, but they are also a great area of your face to highlight when you are trying to enhance the look of your spray tan.

Mascara – Use bold, black mascara to create definition and femininity with your makeup look. Long, defined lashes will pop again the whites of your eyes. Apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes for a wide-eyed, beautiful look.

Eye shadow – Use nudes, neutrals, and sparkly shades to highlight your eyes and enhance your spray tan. These colors will blend and create a shimmer that goes perfectly with darker, tan skin. Also, apply a shadow with a shimmer within the inner portion of your eye lid to brighten your eyes. This will make your eyes pop and make your tan look darker. Avoid solid white and bright colors as they will cause your eyes to negatively stand out in comparison to the darker face complexion.

Lips and Cheeks

Blush – Highlight the contours of your cheekbones with blush in a soft shade pink or peach. Avoid darker reds and purple colors that could look overdone. The darker the blush, the more it may overpower your tan and draw attention away from your eyes and lips.

Lip Color – Nude or peach lips create a beautiful look that blends with a tan complexion. The lighter shades on lips create an easy, sexy appearance that adds more to a great spray tan.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves a beautiful smile. Whitening your teeth may be an option for those who feel their smile isn’t as white as it could be. A white smile pops against a spray tan and makes your teeth look more vibrant and beautiful.

Together with an easy, beautiful makeup routine, you will look sensational!