Spray Tanning with Acne

Can spray tanning help mask your acne?

Acne is never fun to deal with especially the more severe it gets. We’ve all been through it and, although it may seem difficult, with most people it eventually subsides with little effect. So what can you do to cover it up? Is spray tanning the right solution?

Of course when we talk about tanning solutions for acne we aren’t referring to UV based tanning. This includes both bed tanning and traditional tanning under the sun; Both of which cause trauma to the skin and increase melanoma leading to cancer risks.

One of the main bi-products of acne is dead skin – The bane of tanning solutions! Spray tanning solutions contain the chemical DHA which can change the color of dead skin cells. Typically, dead skin tends to hang around pimples which can actually darken that area when spray tanning is applied. This means dark spots on your face!

So what’s the solution? Exfoliating! The more you exfoliate in the little time before your spray tan, the better chance you have of an even tan across your face. It’s also good to explain your situation to your spray tanning professional as most have tips to ensure even coating across acne areas. An easy trick is to apply thin coats to ensure proper toning of the skin and prevent spotting. It may take longer but will definitely produce the results you’re looking for.

Don’t worry about tanning solutions causing more acne. With proper exfoliation you’ll remove dead skin cells and prevent escalating your acne after your next spray tan.