Get your Homecoming Spray Tan

Whether it’s homecoming, cheer, dance, or just for fun, students enjoy big discounts on their spray tanning sessions for the month of September!  Students pay only $25 with student ID for studio appointments.

Skin cancer is the SECOND MOST COMMON FORM OF CANCER IN WOMEN AGED 20 to 29, and tanning bed use in the teen years has been linked to melanoma later in life.  Choose the safer, faster alternative and get a spray tan for homecoming and all of your back to school activities.


Spray Tanning for Pageants

Who is ready for Miss America Pageant on Sunday September 13th?

Spray tanning and its many facets is a wonderful way to give your skin a healthy glow while avoiding the harmful UV radiation in tanning beds. How you look onstage is the end result of months of training and preparation for your pageant. Unfortunately, the harsh lights of the stage “wash out” everyone’s skin tone, and highlight flaws, scars, and imperfections. Getting a spray tan as part of your pageant prep will not only even out your skin tone, but will also make your skin look tan and healthy when you are in the spotlight. To achieve a glow that will withstand harsh stage lighting, make sure you go with a professional spray tan!

Over the past year, I have really gotten into the pageant world! Superior Spray Tanning was a sponsor of the Miss Frederick pageant and tanned most of the contestants. From there, we sponsored many title holders around Maryland including Miss Frederick and Miss Frederick Teen, Miss Appalachia, Miss Mason Dixon and Miss Carroll County Teen. I was also asked to be a judge for Miss Baltimore Teen pageant. I enjoyed interviewing the different girls and experiencing a pageant from a different angle.  I am so glad that the pageant world had moved away from the dangerous tanning bed and onto the safer way to tan for competitions……airbrush spray tanning.

A few spray tanning tips for the perfect pageant spray tan!

Local Pageants

If you are doing a local pageant, definitely get your spray tan a day or two before the pageant. Make sure you wax/shave beforehand and that you get your tan AFTER your manicure, pedicure, massage, or any other spa treatment that might possibly exfoliate the skin.

State Pageants

State pageants are usually a week in length and usually the spray tan you get pre-pageant is not going to last the entire time. Most of the girls get spray tanned before they “check-in” to the pageant, then again the evening before swimsuit/physical fitness and one last one before the final night.



Is Spray Tanning on your Back-to-School List?

No one wants to admit it, but sadly, the summer is almost over and it’s already back-to-school time.

Here at Superior Spray Tanning, we know just how draining the start of the school year can be on the wallet. You need a new wardrobe, edgy haircut, pimped out dorm room, expensive textbooks and all those number 2 pencils. We want to make the start of the impending school year a little more bearable and easier on the wallet–by giving you some awesome tanning specials!

back to school list

For the next month, we are offering a back-to-school tanning deals to get you ready for your first month of school! So hit up the mall for your new back-to-school gear and then head on over to Superior Spray Tanning to ensure your great summer glow lasts well into the fall school year!