Spray Tanning for Engagement Photos

When my clients ask, “Should I get a spray tan for my engagement photos?”, my answer is…….YES!


A spray tan is a great idea; as a tan will always make you look thinner, and accentuate your muscles and definition. It also will make your teeth look whiter, eyes look brighter and help cover up many skin imperfections.

Make sure to let you spray tan artist know what you are getting your spray tan for!


You want your spray tan to be LIGHT and NATURAL. We just want to add a nice glow that will really add a touch of warmth to their skin tone.  If you are someone who is use to getting spray tans regularly, than this one might seem a bit lighter than your normal one, but that is okay! Again we are going for a natural look. If you are naturally more fair skinned it is okay to get sprayed! A natural glow can be achieved on your skin as well.


Don’t forget about the face! Make sure that your face has a natural spray. Two of the biggest disasters I see in photos are always related to the face. If you spray your face very dark and then apply very heavy makeup it can make it look orange or much darker than the rest of your body.

The other problem is when someone gets a spray tan but does not use a little darker makeup to match. This results in a tan body but a washed out paler face and that contrast does not look very good. So remember if you are doing your own makeup buy a shade or so darker or use some bronzer.


I think that a natural and refreshing look can easily be achieved if you want it! So I say go for it! Don’t be nervous! I promise it will be a great addition to your photo shoot!