Professional Airbrush Spray Tan vs Home Self-Tanners

You may be asking yourself, “Can’t I just use a sunless tanner at home and get the same results as a professional spray tan”?

Here is the main difference between getting a professional spray tan and using a tanning lotion at home; consistency!

It is very hard for anyone to spread a lotion on themselves evenly. You could also miss places completely. Having a friend put the lotion on might keep you from missing as many places, but you will likely not have your entire body coated evenly.

Think of someone finger painting your body. There will be places with a thin layer of paint and mounds of it in other places. This will affect the final outcome of your at home tan.

When you have a professional spray tan, your Tanning Artist will have you stand in certain positions, so she can spray every inch of your body. She will have a start point and go in a pattern that leaves no spot unsprayed and also doesn’t over spray any section. This will leave you with an even tan.

Your Tanning Artist will also be able to use your skin type and natural coloring to choose the perfect color of “Tan”. With a lotion self tanner, it is very easy to pick the wrong color and your tan will look unnatural.

To put this in a more visual way, think about cars you have seen that have awesome paint jobs; nice even color. Now think of a car you have seen where they used a roller to paint it or even cans of spray paint from the hardware store; creases, bubbles, dark spots and light spots.

Now ask yourself, which “paint job” do you want on your beautiful body?