Spray Tanning for Pageants

Beauty pageants are a very real (and expensive) pastime for many girls around the world. Whether we are talking about child beauty pageants or college beauty pageants, there are many benefits associated with them. However, there is also a lot of pre-pageant work that these girls do before they ever compete.

Many contestants take pageant lessons in the spare time in order to perfect their walking, performing and interviewing skills. They also generally take lessons to improve their chosen talent. In addition to the lessons, pageant contestants often focus on eating healthy and getting enough daily exercise in so they will look physically fit in their formal wear and swimwear during the competitions too.

Beauty may be only skin deep, but there’s an appeal — especially for young beauty pageant contestants — to making that skin appear golden, glowing and unblemished. While tanning is not a requirement for beauty pageant contestants, it’s considered a necessity by most girls. Most people agree that tanned skin looks better than the bright white hue of untanned skin. Since tanning is something that so many people do (whether they are in beauty pageants or not) a lot of young girls don’t realize the dangers associated with tanning.

Tanning can lead to premature aging, skin cancer and a number of other negative side effects. Therefore, if you or anyone you know is planning on getting a tan for an upcoming beauty pageant, wedding or just because they want to, make sure they understand the dangers of tanning and how they can avoid them.

Spray Tanning is the safest and best way to go for immediate tans. Most clients usually get spray tans the day or two before attending an event where their skin needs to be dark. Most pageant contestants, need a deep golden brown color without tan lines so they look flawless on stage in their swimsuit and formal attire. Spray tans generally last a week to ten days, but it is common for the contestants to get sprayed a couple times throughout the competition week for the different preliminaries.  Spray tanning is the best option for fast, speedy and safe tans and it will also keep your skin looking youthful and amazing when you are older. 

Below are a few tips from our beauty pageant clients on spray tanning for pageants and other occasions where great tans are desired.

Spray tanning is the best option for getting your skin to look flawless on stage without laying under the harmful lights in the tanning beds. While under stage lights, you skin starts to look washed out so giving it a nice tint really makes a difference. I would never go onstage in my swimsuit or gown without my spray tan!!                            -Emily, Miss Baltimore 2016

My best advice for spray tanning is to                                                      #1, Find someone who is experienced and who you trust.            #2, Exfoliate and moisturize your skin because you spray will all around look better and hold better with healthy skin under it. #3, Don’t be afraid to go a little darker than normal. A good dark tan will always look good on stage even if you look crazy in person.                                     -Shea, Miss Anne Arundel County 2016


Good Luck to all of my clients that are competing for Miss Maryland 2016 and Miss Maryland Outstanding Teen 2016!