Spray Tan My Face?

Some of our clients get really scared when we ask them if they want to tan their face, so lets take a minute to talk about it.

There are clients that are skeptical when we ask then if they want to tan their face, but there is no reason to worry, either way you will look sun-kissed and natural. About 90% of our clients opt for their face to be sprayed.

I’ll tell you what I tell every client that asks me what I think: When my face is tan I love it; I feel like I look younger, my skin tone is more even, my teeth look whiter, and I feel like I don’t have to wear as much make-up. However if you do decide to tan your face, you should know that you face will fade quicker then the rest of your body, but not to worry it will fade naturally and the color difference can be corrected with just a little bit of makeup.

Here is an opinion from a professional make-up artist Amie Decker, owner of Amie Decker Beauty…..

Yes! I really do not have many pet peeves when it comes to makeup, but my biggest pet peeve by far is what I like to call the “floating head.” You all know what I am talking about, when the color of someone’s face clearly does not match the rest of their body. This look may occur when gals go a little crazy with the face bronzer and fail to blend it into their neck and chest. However, I find the biggest offence is the pale head floating on a tan body.

Which leads me to answer the question, “should I tan my face?”Answer: YES!!! A customized organic spray tan is much different than a machine conducted mystic tan. A trained spray tan artist has the ability to adjust the solution so that your face does not look orange or too dark, but instead nice and even with the rest of your skin. When brides choose not to tan their face, I end up having to apply much more foundation than I normally would just to ensure their face matches the rest of their body. I find that most women prefer natural looking skin to heavy face makeup but when face and body are vastly different the heavy foundation cannot be avoided. As a makeup artist, I much prefer for women to get a nice even spray tan on their face and body instead of relying on makeup to even everything out.

I recommend exfoliating and cleansing your face before the organic spray tan to avoid clogged pores caused by makeup worn earlier in the day. I also recommend applying a lip balm as a barrier so you can avoid tan lips. 

Amie Decker

If you decide not to tan you face, that is okay to. We will blend up form your chest into your neck to create a nice fade. You can choose to wear darker makeup or not, either way you will still look natural. A number of people don’t tan there face when they tan naturally and for good reason, the sun causes wrinkles and dark pigmentation, remember thats why you are getting a spray tan to stay away form the harsh sun.

The choice is yours!

Custom Airbrush Tan vs Mystic Tan

There are a few differences but the biggest one is that the tan is totally custom to you.

To start, we customize the color to your skin tone and color you desire. Together with your tanning technician you will decide on which shade is the best fit for you. This process is different form the Mystic tan because they only use one color. That’s right, weather you are as white as Casper the ghost or a beautiful dark chocolate like Michelle Obama you get the same color.

Airbrush is also different from the Mystic in its application process. With Mystic you stand in front of a machine and get sprayed, with a Airbrush Tan your tan is hand applied by a professional spray tanning technician. When your tan is hand applied your tanning tech will have you turn in different directions or have you hold different poses to make sure that you tan is 100% even all over.

With a Airbrush hand application you can also blend already existing tan lines, contour the body by shrinking the waist or making the legs appear slimmer, and if that doesn’t make you choose Airbrush over Mystic then nothing will.