What to Wear After a Spray Tan

The spray tanning onsie, or better known as what we call the “tansie”, is our favorite thing to wear after getting your spray tan! It is ideal during the cooler months when you are getting spray tans or on a rainy day. It provides great coverage getting to and from your spray tanning appointments on those rainy days and it keeps you from becoming a “leopard”  from those dreaded rain drops. Onsies are perfect to slip on after your spray tan so you don’t rub any off on your clothes. It also does not have any waist bands that might give you the unwanted line around your waist when you sit down on your drive home. For sleeping, the onsie is perfect so you don’t get any spray tan on your sheets or mess up your tan during the night. If you are a regular spray tanner like myself, I highly recommend investing in a spray tanning onsie!